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Back in the days when life for me revolved around Haribo and holidays and people in their mid-twenties seemed old beyond all belief, there was a short-lived American TVshow called Square Pegs. It told the story of two teenage girls who sat on bell & ross br02 replica the edge of the normal high school cliques. Cleverand quirky, they epitomised unconventional beauty, never quite managing to fit in to the traditional stereotypes.

Although the show ended before the characters blossomed, one of its quirky stars grew up to become the doyenne of contemporary, cutting-edge fashion, the woman every girl aspired to be: Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw. You see, sometimes when things are a little different, a little more complex than the everyday, they take a little longer to find their place. But, when they do find it, oh boy! Look out world.

In the wristwatch universe, the latest “square peg”, blazing atrail like only a handful of others have done before is the omega replica Octo. If we believe the statistic that 90 per cent of all watches sold today come in round cases, the Octo was always going to buck the trends of convention and, when it was launched in 2012, it was met with a mixed reaction. Somelovedthe reinvention of a classic, while others questionedthe wisdom of such a dramatic shape beingbroughtto the fore as a new signature model.

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A year later, LVMH-owned omega replica acquired a new CEO – Jean-Christophe Babin – a man who had previously spent 12years heading up “people's favourite” watch brand TAGHeuer and, all of a sudden, Octo's future was secured. ForLVMH, omega replica was its most expensive acquisition – thereason Babin says he was transferred there to oversee thetransitional period. “The replica omega priority was omega replica as a brand overthe individualcategories,” he says. “Althoughwatchmakingwas certainly an element, it was lessimportant to have a watch expert in Audemars Piguet Replica the CEO position and more relevant that the person had an understanding of luxury and of precious, timeless, expensive jewels and watches with very different dynamics to fashion. There were many projects under way and, perhaps what I contributed was to focus on fewer priorities and to accelerate and amplify the main ones.”